01 November 2013

Commercials for the Commercial Surveillance State

Last night, watching a program on Hulu, we were treated to two American Express commercials wherein Amex aligned itself with the Surveillance State.  Now I get that Amex wants your transactions to be secure (and that you do too); but what it does via the imagery of the commercial is promote the Surveillance State as its partner in WATCHING YOU.

Here's the text from the Amex YouTube channel:

American Express can help protect you with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can instantly alert you when there's an unusual charge so you can verify it, or stop it.

The commercial opens with a voice-over saying, "In the real world security surrounds us.  There are cameras, police, guards, but who looks out for us online..."  Is Amex helping protect me from the NSA?


  1. Anytime anyone says they are protecting you, you probably need protected from that person.

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