13 January 2011

The Gun Inside of Us

**Update below

It's too easy to argue with so much intensity about this object and not really think much about it. Or rather be open to thinking about it without a knee-jerk "political" response or "defensive" response. I think I mean defensive there in both ways.

For some reason I've begun to think that really, everyone, EVERYONE, feels that a gun is an error of the human imagination. Many things are "mistakes" of imagination. This was the teaching of the myth of Pandora's box, and really, I think the core of the story of Adam & Eve in the garden--expulsion for knowledge "too soon". Human minds touch the ineffable--it's there within our neural networks--the ALL and the Abyss ("Nothing" is not quite the right word here as we don't really know how to think about it)--and in this way we can imagine everything. In this way we are susceptible to self-destruction in the manner of Icarus. In our very foundational mythologies we are given the whole truth. We have no capacity for wisdom on the whole. Wisdom is slow and comes with age probably only truly comes with death.

We imagine and we create without wisdom. Wisdom is knowing the ALL and the Abyss lives in everything we do and touch. Without the understanding that is wisdom, that is knowing finality, of death as the just and proper conclusion to this living, we bring out of ourselves only the Abyss. We carry it into our lives through fear of death.

A gun is abysmal.


I want to clarify a bit. The abysmal [correction! is NOT] "bad"--it IS. A gun, hell probably everything we do that attempts to define us against our surroundings, is a response to the void. And pulling the trigger confirms the fear of it and inability to confront it in ourselves with the wisdom of the ALL (which I might argue is simply acceptance of what is "given" in nature).

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