24 March 2013

Of the Mind's Florescence

A man of note upon examining the poems of his friend and finding there nothing related to his immediate understanding laughingly remarked: After all, literature is communication while you, my friend, I am afraid, in attempting to do something striking, are in danger of achieving mere presciosity.-- But inasmuch as the fields of the mind are vast and little explored, the poet was inclined only to smile and to take note of that hardening infirmity of the imagination which seems to endow its victim with great solidity and rapidity of judgment. But he thought to himself : And yet of what other thing is greatness composed than a power to annihilate half-truths for a thousandth part of accurate understanding. Later life has its perfections as well as that bough-bending time of the mind's florescence with which I am so discursively taken.

WCW, Prologue, Kora in Hell


some rooms
of course will be empty
just why signs obtuse philosophers
might the human be storied
as if
stacked and mortared and bordered
necessity only mothered nature's bodies
cleared and cleansing forms
bodies politicked
like so

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