14 January 2011

Versions of Reality--Our National Mind?

Okay, um...this is one of the top Right Wing blogs and this is the "mainstream" conservative "voice" in blogging (according to the "Dear Leader": RedState is my full time job. It is the largest right of center blogging community on the internet. It's also the most widely read right of center blog on Capitol Hill and most quoted right of center blog in the media.

This fella believes there are crazy nuts persuaded by the rhetoric on MSNBC to kill Sarah Palin. To my knowledge--and I'll admit this is scant--there are no calls to arms on MSNBC.

Read some of his posts...He seems, more than Limbaugh who seems simply an embodied corporation who needs to spout divisive horrible things to make large amounts of money without care of coherence, well...just simply wrong and twisted and not very, what, smart, honest?

I need help on these things as I just don't understand this viewpoint. This is simply a terrible way to think--it's incoherent and seeks only one end...aggressive demonization of others.

I don't need to argue with this person...simply what he has to say and the way he says it. This is what characterizes the discourse. It simply lacks a mental acuity that one needs to have in order to really be valuable in civil discourse. It has neither breadth nor depth of understanding and there is a clear lack of reflection.

How can we persevere in the light of this if it is indeed the "mind" we are cultivating on a national level--(writ large by the educational strategies in Texas)?

Red State on Palin/Tucson

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