16 February 2010

The Truth of the Crazy

From Digby (via TPMMuckraker)

Okay, here's a very real problem, right? Folks are pissed; folks are frustrated; folks are unemployed; folks are worried about being unemployed; healthcare sucks and it's clear all DC does is play politics with our health to the benefit of Pfizer and State Farm; YOU could be detained and imprisoned without charges; YOU could be targeted for murder by the gov't (did you know there's been an executive order on the books about this since about 1954--constantly renewed and altered for the popular mood of the moment); YOU are being spied upon; your school system is cutting nearly ALL non-essential programs (except sports of course)...

Oh, yeah, and we're occupying countries to no real and verifiable purpose (stated or otherwise) and killing all THEIR citizens--men, women, children, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa.

So, even those of us who acknowledge a very necessary ROLE for Government (primarily for monetary policy and the judiciary) ALSO acknowledge that it's not very clear how our Reps and Administration ARE helping us BUT that it seems clear that they ARE NOT helping us.

In the links above we discover that this fella is NOT unique in his distrust; and surely not unique in his stockpiling of weapons; not unique in his correspondence. We have a "movement" that may not REALLY be "grassroots" in inception but seems to have really taken hold of the popular imagination.

I can stand AGAINST this movement (tea party) and SAY it's manipulated by the same people as every other movement that pits the POPULAR against government (so that government "gets out of the way" of the wealthy and powerful--not the "people"): However, I can certainly sympathize with the core sentiments of this growing "threat".

PEOPLE need work--done. I don't think there's much more to say than that. They need a common good to occupy their minds and time. They need to KNOW they matter in their communities and in their nation.

The failures of the current and past administrations (failures for the people, successes for the Military and it's Corporate counterparts) leave us all in doubt about our government and its intentions. Why in the world aren't the Democrats doing what we'd expect Democrats to do--use Government to help the people? You may not like government involvement in your life--that's schools, roads, unemployment, social security, medicare, etc.--but without it this country would privatize its poor into even further oblivion...That's the nature of the privatization--short term greed NOT altruism.

So, if we're employed and not paying taxes for bailouts and Blackwater there is NO tea party movement to foment--there are no gun stockpilers...there are no(t so many) urges to mass insurrection.

For November, instead of voting against the incumbent (which would be AWESOME)--let's all vote for a write-in--John and Jane Q. Public. Trite, sure, but shit, isn't this land yours and mine too?

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