21 February 2010

Chapter 12 added to Chomsky's Year 501

Digby, yesterday, on the DoJ's OPR report detailing the "torture" policies of the Bush Administration. I'm confused here. Isn't Digby's response so oddly naive? She's certainly not naive. But is there something about "full disclosure" in the blogosphere that makes every act seemingly something that one might really be culpable for just because so many know about it--I mean it is "real time" knowledge after all.

However, if one believes Chomsky (and if you don't then you don't believe there is a Reality) then this is absolutely par for the course in the US--but also, history shows us, in EVERY government trying out its might locally or otherwise. This is more than the banality of evil; this is the banality of history. Yoo advises an imperialist government, "Do what you want--the country will not bring you to trial for attempting to be an imperialist...all presidents, all administrations, all war profiteers are imperialists." And as many have said, the ONLY chance that these folks get any kind of trial (and it will still be ineffectual) is if it happens internationally. This is just another occasion "for the books".

(So you've heard of "man's inhumanity to man" right?--Doesn't it now seem fairly clear that humanity is never "inhumane"--it's just plain human--and that perhaps we should say human actions are "in-primate" or "in-animal"?)

If you want none of this on your hands, then what do you do? Stand against imperial hegemony on EVERY front--(that includes, "free markets" and protectionism). What else? Suggestions: Act locally--tell these stories LOCALLY--go to your kid's school and sneak Chomsky and Bakunin, Proudhon et. al. onto the library and classroom shelves. Sorry, we need to challenge our "nation-hood" here--we need to challenge "humanity" here; we need to set the "anarchists" on equal footing with the imperial slave owners and pirates who founded our nation. We need to uderstand that this will not change under our current system of government.

Cripes, it absolutely does not matter who is in office--this is our world re: "foreign policy". (China is likey the ony nation that can stop us...do they want to? Or do they just want to be like us?)

Now "domestically" we will be "moved" as a people to regard with suspicion those who DON'T want to show how great we are via Military Force (read as "undemocratic"); and don't commit crimes against your neighbor's delicate moral sensibilities regarding sex acts unless they're so unbelievably bizarre as not to really make sense; and don't be "too uppity".

All of this is simply "domestic" theater to distract from the realities of our aggressive violence against all other people in the world...USA--massacrer of millions--we are currenlty the greatest serial murderers in the world. And surely we must vie for the "Greatest of All Time!"

Hell, Chomsky doesn't even need to "expose" anything anymore--it's all done on the front pages now with a shrug and a "so what?"

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