04 December 2013


Humans are storied creatures. This is due, I would guess, would have to be guessing, to self-awareness, to the little ol' me in the center of the brain.

There is a clear drive to the storying of existence. A dog cannot story but a dog can be storied and so this is done. This is labelled anthropomorphizing, making all things storied. (This to serve as "like humans.")

There is a clear drive to asserting a beginning to all things due to the beginning of the Me as the Me stories itself.

There is a clear drive to realize an ending to all things due to the experience of endings apart from the Me, though the Me cannot experience the end. Which is to say the un-Me cannot exist. An example, Enkidu is not Enkidu until a Me is established and a story begins.

There is then a linear design to the story as it must go, inevitably, from inception to termination.

The middle is a jumble.

What is called a society is existence among other Me type creatures, storying others. In this way, stories expand, interact, evolve in various combinations.

Also stories must account for the storying Me even as the various Me types story out of difference.

One story asserts "not-me" beings which are "like-me" beings but for greater influence on all Me creatures within the Society of the Story.

The collection of stories called The Pentateuch seems to wish to account for the evolution of storying and an agreement of one story.

Me stories combine to become Us stories. Then the Us does the storying while asserting that the Us IS the Me.

Into the thousands of years of storying a wrinkle comes.

The unstory. The Me detached. The Me within the All. The Me within the Nothing.

The Me aware of contingency even of itself within the frame of habitation. The Me without agency over the Me. The Me aware of Me as a construct.

This is a problem.

Which is to say something of the middle.

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