07 June 2013

Walking: A Reconciliation

It is likely impossible to untangle the mass of errors that have brought humans to this place of global destructive potential.  Yet...

Sitting may be the basic problem.  It is a posture for receiving.  A defenselessness.

Done in solitude as in meditation, as a release from irrelevant modes of constructivism...as a silencing of the "blocking" signal that is our daily noise, then we might call it a good.

Sitting in the Western cultures isn't resting, it is a kind of ending, a quietus.

Walking is a vital opposition.  I can't think of a better one.  But I say this as a foundational proposition.  Walking leads to a kind of contemplative thinking in bodily action and this seems to me the best way to reach a harmony between the body as it is in time, in its material becoming and ending, and the mind as a capacity to travel in endless spheres of speculation, backward and forward.

The body keeps us located, the mind will dislocate us.

The two must be wed.

We are realizing the consequences of the modern separation: a creation of the irreconcilable.

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