01 June 2013

Men's Self-Reflecting Half-World

Recall this: One and One and One and One...

And then visit this:

When women take their step of the mind out of the world that, less than a world, has been at most a mirror made of nature by man-minds for men's justification of themselves to themselves before their eyes -- we shall not, then, be all in a mirror-world created by woman-minds, but in the place of the Whole, where for every being who would be according to the Whole (would be a being of the Whole -- one of One) is a whole mind, a complete gift of reason.  The minds of women are not, as seems, either partners or competitors to men in the reading of the mirror of the self.  It is through mere love that they live according to men's self-reflecting half-world, preserving their woman-selves to men's longing to be themselves and preserve themselves from themselves: their love, fed upon the praise and favor of men, is of that world, but not their honor.  And men will be preserved neither by their own self-love nor the love of women, but by the ultimate honor of women, the prior motive of their souls, and the principle of their minds...

--out of [51] of Laura (Riding) Jackson's The Telling.

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