25 May 2013

A single truth

So, I can simplify the previous post.

There is one truth in both the Jewish and Christian Bibles.  It's the same truth and it is followed by nothing but fables and tribal fictions.  That is, lies.

The truths which are one truth:

And the Lord said, Let there be...

In the beginning was the Word...

Language is our strangeness.  It is our only work--to say and say again.  Not to make, not to build--look at all the parables of destruction--the very Lord you praise has always warned you to NOT build and make.

But chants of devotion?  But words?

Let there be a word of beginning that does not lead us to the silence of code.

This how I interpret Hamlet's the rest is silence--silence is the void and the codes of physics and chemistry are silence and offer nothing but the end of the human and possibly being generally.  That is the telos of the code.

The word is our proper work not the code, not the telos, but the opening that is always only the beginning.

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