07 March 2013


so hello.

be unreasonable
waste your liesure upon this vanity
no, i insist, dedicate your life of work to it
thus, the matter is me and i am the matter
fully clothed and fully full
that is to say wholly this and also that so that and this are
well, you get it or at least...,
can't pout to find a point in it.
no right in it to salt the pork,
better gut the beast and live juicy,
at least at first.
perish the blemish, naturally, if that's the show
allowed.  but between you and me, breath
happens here and there.  not breathing too.
color me colored.  oh, i'll do it myself.
no tricks or trades, promise.
for real.
plainly put, this is all there is to me.
it's what i want you to see, really.
but...the bees and pollen and honey, right?
hives and all that, i mean, that tastes
sweet.  and yonder window and roses
and names and juliet and
that's wrong here, i think.  or
out of order.  anyway what do you care
what i care for your caring?
it's the others that matter more.
the ones that matter more mean more
in the matter of meaning
to me that is.
remember me to them for me for you.
at least show them a picture.
that is all there is
anymore.  look at me.  what a smile.
my eyes sparkle...with
antique blight.
but those who know know
but shhhh.
really i am i
in this

7 March 2013

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