06 March 2013

An Unstated Set

metamorphosed into a horse
derived from the favorite strategy of a man
the fallacy of the heap

the inflexible behest of the meanings themselves
order the unbridled naming animal
never having been guided by method

keeping always a clear eye on your categories
you use the name to designate location
the place where neither rain nor bow is located

the ark can carry them all in the bottom deck
so fancy a divagation in 1852
marks the saurus sedimentous

approximate to the prelapsarian
so you can think that you did not know you had a feeling
never, perhaps, without, and knowing

and cause is malfunction
not omitting your option of doing nothing
these are details

about her sensations when she did not come
but two states, merely yes and no
merely to exclude the members of an unstated set

feelings cannot survive
demands that we define our terms
manacled with syntactic order

what it can induce us to supply
under the illusion that we find it
a figure

drawn in 1855
self-evident at a glance
disciplined into assaying

there were even occasional kisses
for into affirmation psyche flows
as well-behaved as any flunky

trivially prepared complications
routinized order-giving
minding minds minded to complicity

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