06 March 2013

A Double-Take

remarking incuriosity about machines and processes:
damn detail of the coin, sentimental symbolism,
    rather expose innards,
    on the whetted tip of the engraver's chisel

giving notice
to clean efficiency:
we, entitled, see everything
entailed in exchanges of notation

fatiguing mindless strokes with a muscled
score for robotic choreography
to cut teeth around the rim of a steel disk;
his work grows empty.

an instance:
could be seen filling out
     analogously removing
in which energy
     not being concentrated
remarked letters affirmed
in some aesthetic;

one effect is to diminish
even in husbandry
...not where the aesthetes were looking
let us register a double-take;

one need never meet
     what is down-to-earth
the visitor thinks
     best not to specify.

1885 was born late:
its epic the dictionary
entailing by the hundreds
hours readers,
labor abscessed with glances;

more than any single syllable
one 2-thousand-year-old guess
confers a boom
where lore irradiates scholars
span allotted.

as it happens, it happens
     we can particularize:
fete for issuance
1885 was born too late.

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