25 February 2013

A Structured Piece of Apparel

The morning walk to school is becoming quite interesting with the youngest fella.

Recently he bought himself a suit vest...just a vest, silver pin-stripe.  He wore it today: t-shirt, vest, hoodie.

"Dad, this vest is kind of uncomfortable under my backpack, my coat and my hoodie.  It's got too much structure to it."

That's about as perfect a thought as there is.

How do you think I responded?

a. What do you mean?
b. That's what you get for wearing vest.
c. Structure is a just right way to put it I think.  Now, when does one normally wear a vest?
d. It was Thomas Carlyle in the mid-19th century who, in his most well-known work Sartor Resartus, posited not that "clothes make the man," but that men are only clothes; that is there are only masks and and no "true" identities.  Existenz on that, punk!


  1. A combo of c and d. You never pass up an opportunity to elucidate.