23 January 2013

Creating Enemies

I think we simply must now see our endless battering and bombing of the countries in the Middle East--Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq (and, and, and)--as a concerted attempt to make the populations of these countries rabid antagonists.  Therein we will justify our past, present and continuing murderousness.  If one is currently rabidly disposed to violence then one was always so...that is how a population with no memory, or rather, the memory offered via received pixelation of imagery, would conceive of an "enemy."

"Those people have always been killers and jihadis."  "They must have always hated our glorious freedoms."

The only freedom we have that is as real as it is detestable is the military dominance and sheer psychopathic will to murder...no fear of reprisal...complete freedom to kill.

In ONLY that sense is this the land of the free.

History is no one's friend.  History will not prove one right or wrong in a way that matters to humans living (and collaborating) with this terror regime.  There is no vindication.

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