11 October 2012

The Mythical Sheep Hiding the Corporate Wolf

The essence of the British feeling about government, as opposed to the American, is that here "government" is a singular noun, but in England it is plural. That grammatical peculiarity —Her Majesty's Government have done so-and-so—constantly makes one sharply aware that a group of individuals is carrying on governmental affairs, not a corporate body, which is all too easily thought of as a single entity. And that realization in turn forces one to think in terms not of a mythical State but of real human beings. Uncle Sam is a symbol of government, John Bull of national character, the essence 
of which is found in the word "empiricism."*

If it's acceptable that Soylent Green is people, why can't you see there is no "gummint," just self-interested people with a lot more money than you.

*"Crown and Constitution"
a book review of Regina vs. Palmerston, by Brian Connell, Queen Victoria, Lord Palmerston
by Morse Peckham 
In The Saturday ReviewSeptember 2, 1961,

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