19 October 2012


(Out of a Crouch)

What but stillness when considered
Can be discovered,
In or out of the “un” country,
An ab to some one surdity.

Bobby dreamed of theft,
A gang attends upon the vision,
One revealed in a style outré
Against a mixed Germanic grain.

What is that upon your head?
That, that is put upon the head,
How can it be that upon your head?
Unless it is meaningful…

The veil drops when…
Salome dances so that…

Does it matter when the sum of it
Is headlessness?

The dance is not danced
The head is not severed
The song without tune


Whirlwinded into silence
No maelstrom as terrorizing
As the vacuumed

Curtains.  In sight,
Drawn to the floor,
Tightened, affixed,
Folded, rollingly folded
Seemingly revelatory
…of the true nature

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