02 March 2011

Hero Crime

I spent a few minutes (or more) with this little bit from Gertrude Stein and I think it's apropos to our robber baron culture. We lionize the Greed of Wall Street cuz goddam if I had the opportunity I'd keep those billions too...and you'd shittin' hate me for it but holy jesus want to be in my place.

Anyway, not too far from my writing desk, geographically speaking, is a museum dedicated to John Dillinger. We all seem to want to stick it to the man, but, guess what...the "man" ain't in charge no more and you and me, we're the ones getting stuck.
Do you see what I mean when I say anybody in America can be a public one, and anybody in America being able to be a public one it has something to do with the hero crime and so many people are always doing this thing doing the hero crime it gets into anybody who can have his picture where it is to be seen by everybody. Of course there are so many who feel themselves to be a crime hero that practically nobody wonders that there are any, their names are like the names of Pullman cars, they make them up as easily and it is no good. (From "American Crimes and How They Matter")
Yes, that was in Crase's AMERIFIL.TXT. You really should go steal a copy from someone, because likely you can apply any one of its entries to any news/blog item you come across dealing with politics and money.

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