15 January 2011

Yahweh in the Mirror

I think that if the Bible is the template to much of humanity's thinking regarding morality and philosophy then we will never get out of the duality (Good and Evil) and tribalism ("my people", children of Abraham) found there.

It's interesting that a book "founded" on a creation myth for ALL creatures with "man" being Yahweh's most beloved work devolved so quickly into a story of "one" family. This is proof enough to think of it in the most narrow terms possible.

There is very little deep thinking in the book as it is, to my knowledge, primarily an imagined "history" of a people always on the verge of being conquered and subsumed by the larger community around. It is a book of aggressive "precedence" attempting to "essay" a particular kind of world into being.

But the Bible is a muddle of thinking and to my knowledge and understanding stays on the very human level of vengeance as its primary lesson. Not only does Yahweh want his emissaries on earth to vanquish those who don't believe in him (know him), he also brings vengeance onto his own people. He is petty and small minded. This also is not a revelation to most who have read this book.

The tenor of our times is found in this book. We are more god-soaked than ever. We are more in thrall to demonizing the evil Other than ever before. We are more violent than ever at home and around the world as we bring Yahweh's vengeance to the world.

Of course, our leaders do no such thing...they simply work within the parameters of the tale. It's an easy manipulation for so many of our citizens.

We are exceptional as we are the "chosen" through the emissary of an imagined "savior" who transfers Yahweh's anger and pettiness across the boundaries of time and geography to white European Christians. Jesus died to be a bridge for the transfer of belief systems.

The pettiest supreme being in all the world has become the mightiest because he is our basest nature. He is us.

Do us all a favor and read a different book.

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