18 December 2010

But Ya Gotta Have Faith

I'm continually, oddly, surprised that our government officials even bother talking at all. If all they're going to do is lie or maybe tell the truth then call that a lie and tell a lie to replace that truth...you know what I'm saying...then why bother at all.

It's a very strange disconnect to me that via the immediate media access we now have one can easily display the "doublethink" at work. But maybe not too many people really care about much of this to make much difference, I mean we'd rather re-write textbooks to calculate earth's age at 6k years than worry about...oh, wait...

Here it is, the answer, right in front of me. If there is a substantial amount of the population believing in the supernatural, in superstition, in religious tenets regarding divinities, etc., then it's really easy to understand how this population can be lied to ad nauseum without caring one little bit.

Joe Biden says WikiLeaks has done zero harm to us yesterday; Joe Biden says WikiLeaks has done irreparable harm to us today. Doubleplusungood!

Paul speaks of a faith in the "awakening" of Jesus--Mark says that Jesus does not appear again after his death--Matthew, Luke and John give him flesh and let him cook breakfast.

Angels visit, talk, direct, predict--announce pregnancies...etc.

Now, this is, "faith"...and faith requires a trust in something OUTSIDE of your knowing. This is the main ingredient in all authoritarianism, especially the self-willed kind. We request the lie. We live the lie. We need the lie...

It absolves us of the truth.

All truth is abhorrent to most humans--so better that it is made irrelevant by making easily manipulable and constantly changing.

"Print" a lie in digital format one day; erase the next...no correction needed!

Chocolate rations to go up!!!

Joe Biden Liar


Ya Gotta Have it!

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