08 November 2010

Potato, Potahto Regulation

Okay, here's how I'm seeing it lately, thanks to my ma...

We were chatting the other day about AZ where she lives under the tyranny of a very real police state, more so than the rest of us. This is a state that loves them some high walls and Mexican-American servants.

Anyway, I forget the specifics of the conversation but she used the word regulation in a context I wasn't used to...maybe the border (Mom?) and it struck me that this seems a pretty valuable and simple term to apply to our positions of political philosophy.

(We must honestly forget about the Party designations any more.)

Conservative/Right: Regulate the personal, the individual, the spiritual, the very MEANING of life. Yet DO NOT regulate property and let money speak as loudly as possible as it is more "purely" motivated.

Liberal/Left: Regulate Property interests. This is very real Earthly Power and it will run over us (as it is doing). Money and Property are PURELY motivated indeed--to make more money and get more property. DO NOT regulate personal freedoms, the individual, the spiritual, the very QUESTIONING of life's meaning.

What say you? Fair?

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