30 October 2010

The Logic of Our Evil Ways

I know there are very smart folks out there who will cry foul at this...but follow me for bit.

1. Humans slaughter sentient beings for food and displace huge numbers of species via our parasitical expansion across the globe--projected parasites by 2050--9 Billion.

2. This, to my mind, constitutes a "dominion" of the worst kind but one that many biblical literalists might admit to believing to be true. "Man" deserves to use all the globe as Man is in God's image and is the most important of His creatures and the only one to enjoy His companionship.

3. Humans suffer daily in ways that are nearly as miserable if not of the same magnitude as that of those slaughtered billions (this site has a "ticker" of the killing).

4. God makes us suffer daily if God is the Prime Mover.

5. God escapes reason because, well because it's easier for folks to forgive Him His sins if so. (Ours is not to wonder why and suchlike.)

6. We do not escape reason--it is our primary justification for being considered more important and more worthy of God's love than all other creatures. (This is not a very logical proposition, I know, as God's love passeth understanding also.)

7. We reason that slaughter and use is our birthright.

8. We are in God's image (to believers in God, any gods).

9. Does if follow that slaughter is Godly? I think in this string it does.

10. God makes us suffer, we slaughter and cause others to suffer, this is appropriate to those in God's image.

11. Humans and God are beings whose primary action is to cause suffering.

12. This is my definition of Evil.

13. The Gnostics were onto something.

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