10 September 2010

Getting Small, really small

Okay, we the people, what can we do?

No jobs, no plan other than more war, more divisive politics at state and federal levels, no journalistic integrity, no television news that isn't just about the process of celebrity news-making itself--or sensationalist positioning.

So, what? A national election does nothing, clearly. We are bogged down in all manner of wrongness...our tiny minds inculcated in commerce and consumerism as if it were the only way that human being should live; war is not okay, really, ever (argue all you like, there is no morality to warring--defending yourself physically against certain and obvious onslaught is the one exception in my mind); oil is not okay.

We have no plans, no ideas, no hopes, no concern for our fellow beings, human and otherwise, that aren't inextricably anthropomorphic and harmful.

So, again, what?

At what level can we address this and create a meaningful solution? How small do we need to get?

I'd say it might be possible, and only just to make real meaning at the municipal level. Maybe we can be social anarchists at this level--and then create a constitutionally mandated "person" out of this municipality.

So, your hometown becomes a viable entity that can say "NO" to consumerism in a way that the state or federal governments have no right to circumvent.

Business as usual (and I stress "business") will find us worse off every succeeding day of our lives...we have put too much focus on the "soma" of our times--we have our Huxley in our gadgets and entertainments--and we have our Orwell listening in to every tweet.

So, how do you and I get BIGGER while focusing on being much SMALLER. Focus on the community and combine our voices. Get back into the actual and away from the virtual...make meaning by raising your voice as a sound wave and not as hypertext. (Yes, I get the blog irony here).

Go to the next city council meeting and listen and see what you can do.

But caution--first you need to be able to think outside your preconceived box of hand-me-down ideas. Can you do it?

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