21 May 2010

Freedom's Just Another Word

So here's the thing with what I guess we call Libertarianism in America--it's simply pro-property owner. Now, note well that the majority of government (what we might call PUBLIC) programs are always under attack by the GOP (and now Dems too--check out what our Secretary of Education wants to do) to be "privatized". Note too that the more that's privatized the more that can be exempted from "equal protection" by a "Libertarian" policy that boils down to "freedom" equals discrimination. See people can discriminate--you have a right to be a hateful bigot. And Libertarians say, business is owned by people, people who have invested money and risked their future to create a successful business--and so business is the "child" of a person who can discriminate--ergo business owners can discriminate. Next, as corporations are like people, but have even less social responsibility than people do, they can discriminate too!

And finally, the more that is privatized, the less that is public and protected. Isn't that amazing? In this land where the mythology of freedom rings in our ears daily there is a substantial amount the population (or at least of politicians and business owners) who don't care for anyone's freedom but their own (and I guess yours too if you're an "owner"). Funny too, remember how GWB wanted to create an "ownership" society--and he wanted you to believe that all of us could be part of it by getting rid of Social Security. These guys are wicked persistent and heartless.

And this crap about being pro-choice? Seriously? Follow the logic from overturning Roe to requiring this be a "state" decision and then note how quickly the Right mobilizes where they can do more damage more quickly. I mean if you can turn gay marriage out of California you've got some real strength.

Libertarians can make any argument a "property" argument--it's a love-fest for the "amoral" world of business. Then we will have all sorts of discrimination. It'll be fun! And I'd guess protected by law at some point.

Nice, this place, this land of the free and home of the brave.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose after all.

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  1. The wrinkles and wrongs in this country are many. However, I can see it differently through the eyes of immigrants. We recently attended the swearing in ceremony of our neighbors from India who became American citizens. They have found opportunity here unavailable back home, and they had to give up some options for travel/life there (not to mention swearing to take up arms for u.s. defense). But they are very thankful for the life they have here, and it makes me see the good in democracy, despite all its failings. Democracy demands citizen involvement and that's hard. I say, keep speaking out.