25 March 2010

Charlemagne's Progeny

I just wrote the following as response to a comment form a friend of a friend on the facebooks. I figured, why waste it? Am I wrong, let me know.

Okay, so to basics from me:
1. Government is an "limit" to freedom of necessity.
2. Government should be beholden to the people.... See More
3. Government should do as little harm as possible and should promote the well-being of even the least among us. That is what "protect" means to me and specifically what "equal protection" means.
4. Our system of economics--capitalism--has no interest in people. Capital seeks monetary growth--economies MUST grow under capitalism. This is part of the problem of "unsustainability".
5. Capital markets are not free. Owners own, ie, are interested in the growth of their wealth. To that end they operate in such a way as to manipulate markets to encourage growth for their businesses. Maybe you have a problem with an interference in this process-but the interference comes from all owners and not only the government.
6. Owners influence policy to protect their markets. Lobbyists exist to this end.
7. The size of our deficits is due to tax cuts (I'd guess you're against taxes too?); foreign wars; and wall street bailouts. This includes the housing crash and derivatives debacle. Much of this the direct result of actions done by the owners of markets.
8. The legislature IS complicit in passing bills to deregulate financial markets. This is where the bursting comes from--intense growth and then a bust. When the dust settles the same 1% is still super rich and the rest of us are worse off than before.
9. This leads one to believe that capital concentrates wealth and power "for its own sake"--ie, who can own and reinvest the most is the most powerful and feeds the engine of capital.
10. Concentrated wealth and power in a few hands leads to government of the few by the few creating laws that favor the owners of these very large businesses (capital-pushers).
11. Now government must "collude" in some way--this is our economy.
12. However, it does TRY on occasion to "protect" the people by passing laws that regulate some markets.
13. Normally when a republican is in power--they collude more with markets than with people and they "propagandize" this as "freedom" and liberty and individual rights (ie, don't stand in the way of Goldman Sachs because what if you were a billionaire you wouldn't want us to stop you from being greedy!); Democrats tend, at the very least, to attempt to pass laws that regulate the powerful. Those are the basic differences. Though I do agree that the two are blending really well lately--mostly in the senate the craziest, greediest, dumbest mo-fos in office.
14. Just to be clear on my perspective...capitalism is the progeny of the feudal system. And at this point in time it is abundantly clear that the Lords want the vassals and plebes to stay in the fields.

I'm running out of steam. What do you agree/disagree with and why?

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