18 March 2010

Aggressor Economies

I've been reading a lot lately about morality, ethics, war, poverty among other things. Here's what I'm beginning to "formulate" in my own noggin.

There is rarely a justification for "going" to war; one may engage in an intervention in appropriate circumstances--but the bar for this should be immensely high. One may defend oneself against attack by an aggressor. An aggressor has no moral standing and even its soldiers have no moral standing in the conflict--if fired upon they may not justly return fire.

In the end, we wish to argue for zero aggression and zero war--the morality of mass killing is non-existent even in what one may even call a just cause. The cause may be just but the action taken to confront it may be immoral.

So, that said, I've begun to believe that we might as easily transfer these ideas into economics (and if we're being honest, war is often, if not always, an economic choice). We might go so far as to label Corporate Economies "nations" or "states".

If this is allowed then we may be able to apply "just" or "unjust" as labels to Corporate "interventions" or "aggressions" against other economies.

I'm going to work on this thought and try to see if there is any relevant research/thinking on it.

Your thoughts?


  1. Pretty strong words to use and then run away from any response. You know where to find me on facebook if you care to reconsider. I've never thought of discussion as a bad thing but evidently you do. Happy to take it off the public domain if you prefer.

    John S.

  2. eat it...I got pissed at you for being so baldly bigoted and prejudicial without any damn way to determine what you are claiming in your language is "true". I got tired of hearing this kind of narrow dialogue. Quit responding to this bullshit in such a predictable manipulated fashion. YOU ARE PRIVILEGED. Because of this you MUST acknowledge this in your thinking FIRST. You must try to get back to a "base" of thinking that isn't tied to your privilege.

    I'm back on facebook if you want to respond.