04 February 2010

Bldg 7

Okay, I like to think I'm fairly clued in--but I didn't really spend one minute really thinking about the destruction of 9/11 and its consequences and that it really "fit" a need in certain political thinking and governing agenda.

So there's a stupid and rather annoying q&a in Salon with a goon who wrote a book saying conspiracy theories are bad and you're dumb to believe them and made dumber by even thinking about them. Salon should be ashamed. The "goon" in question is clearly motivated by his political agenda. (there's even a blog in opposition to him!)

In the q&a the fella calls Naomi Klein a conspiracy theorist--that pretty much did it for me...Klein's book, The Shock Doctrine, simply lays out in a meticulously detailed manner, the way that powerful governments CAN USE catastrophic events as an opportunity to reshape regions and local governments--CAN foment the conditions that may in fact lead to internal catastrophes--CAN light the fuse of the powder keg put in place. This is all well documented (heck, isn't this exactly what Chomsky's been doing for 50 yeas?) It's easy to say and easy to admit that the Power is uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunities. Agency need not be a question--you can still question the morality of this action at that level.

So, anyway, there's a bunch of crap back and forth in comments per usual...but what comes of it for me is that 3 damn buildings fell. How the hell did I not know that? And Bldg 7 at the very least is clearly a controlled demolition.

There are way too many links and YouTube videos on this to really need to share here.

But what's with Building 7? (It seems, from a brief review, as if it was simply a great opportunity for the building owner to demolish it) It collapsed something like 8 hours after the Twin Towers fell making it possible to actually have set the demolition technology in that time.

These investigations and conversations are necessary as they contain an immense truth about our government. I'm not sure what that is--but it's there, somewhere.

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  1. I've caught wind of this before. If this is a controlled demolition, doesn't Bldg. 7 bet the question how it was able to be orchestrated so quickly and on the same day as the towers went down? I'm no demolition expert, but wouldn't you have to plan for something like this.

    I'll have to do some research, but I remember reading that there were some things that certain people definitely wanted destroyed in Bldg. 7. I'll have to get back to you on this, as I can't remember where I was reading about it.