03 January 2010

The Good Book?

Psalm 137 ends thusly and we at Nemesis (okay, me at Nemesis) think it appropriate to our tagline:

Daughter of Babylon the despoiler,
happy who pays you back in kind,
for what you did to us.
Happy who seizes and smashes
your infants against the rock.

This is ingrained in our mentality--this book suffuses our lives in ways we cannot discern.

What surprise we the people are of the Family of Vengeance?


  1. I was thinking about this at dinner last night when we were all trying to use chopsticks. This might be way, way off base from where you were intending to go with this comment, but we are a very aggressive, stab it and eat it kind of society. I liked using chopsticks in imagining a more harmonious way to eat my food.

  2. Hey, I find that pretty interesting--should we investigate the rise of utensils with the rise of munitions?